Flower Harvesting

When growing flowers on a commercial scale it makes sense to use tools that make the harvesting process more efficient and less time consuming.
Another thing the grower must be aware of when harvesting flowers that are destined for flower markets or florists, is the possibility of damaging the soft, delicate stems during the harvesting thereof.

To reduce this damage to the stems we recommend that a grower uses a pruning tool that incorporates a "cut-and-hold" device on the cutting head.
This device enables the user to hold onto the stem of the flower once it is cut, using only the hand that is holding the tool. The stem is then placed either into a picking bucket with water, or into the user's arms, all in one motion.

Cape Agricultural Products offers 3 products to help commercial growers and keen gardeners harvest their flowers with the least damage possible.

120EU-R Cut and Hold Shear

ARS 120EU-R Cut and hold pruner

The A R S 120EU-R cut and hold pruner is great for harvesting roses and other types of flowers.

The user can use 1 hand to cut the stem of the flower, without the flower and stem dropping to the ground.

A solid steel anvil and razor sharp blade make for easy cutting. The holding device can be removed if necessary.

Comfortable plastic handles and a rubber buffer make these shears a dream to use.

Can be used to cut other branches that may have thorns or spines on.

160-0.6 Long Reach Cut and Hold Shear

ARS 160-0.6 long reach pruner

The A R S 160-0.6 cut and hold pruner is ideal for cutting roses and other plants where there is a possibility of getting injured by the thorns.

The cutting head has an integrated "cut and hold" grip to hold flowers or branches that have been cut off, for easy removal from the plant.
The 60cm long handles provide extra reach to get into the bushes but at the same time keep your hands away from thorns or delicate stems.

Also ideal for harvesting cut flowers that have long delicate stems that you would not like to damage [lilies are a good example]- this is done in 3 quick steps :

  • With one hand the user can grasp the stem at the top, below the flower...
  • ...then using the extra length of the pruner he/she can reach down and cut the stem off at the base...
  • ... and pull the entire stem out.

While performing this action the user does not have to place his/her hands at the base of a cluster of stems, an action that can sometimes result in damage to stems that are next to the one being harvested.

The rotating arm enables the user to make cuts from any angle.
Super lightweight design, but still incredibly strong.

160-0.6 - Length : 62cm. Weight : 360g

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