Duratool Tapetool Machines

Duratool Tape machine

The Duratool tapetool machine is used for attaching and binding various types of plants to stakes and trellising wires.

Crops that can be trellised include grape vines, berries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and others.

In the nursery the tool can be used for attaching plants and young trees to stakes for training.

The Duratool tapetool increases your efficiency and is much faster than using twisties or loose pieces of tape.

Other benefits include...

  • Plastic tape is softer than wire twisties,

  • Stretches more than plastic twine,

  • Looks better on the plant.

  • The tool is used with one hand and after 3 easy steps the plant is secure :

    1. The operator lightly depresses the handle to pick up the tape.....

    2. The tool is pushed over the plant and stake/wire, enclosing them in a loop of tape.....

    3. The handle is then depressed to engage the staple and cut the tape in 1 action, leaving a secure loop.

    The duratool tapetool is now ready for the next tying action, it couldn't be simpler !

    Duratape is supplied in different thicknesses [see charts below] and there are 10 rolls of tape per box.

    Duratape Specifications
    ThicknessMt per rollColours
    Olive Green
    250micron16MtDark Olive Green

    * Duratape can be used in all makes of Tying machines *

    Number of Bindings per roll of tape
    ThicknessMt per rollLength per binding *# per roll *
    100micron40Mt50 - 80mm500 - 800
    150micron26Mt50 - 80mm300 - 500
    250micron16Mt110 - 130mm120 - 140

    * Note : The length of binding, and quantity of bindings per roll, are only approximate quantities for guideline purposes. The exact numbers are dependent on the user. If the 250micron tape is used for tying vines, or smaller plants, then more bindings per roll will be achieved.
    The 250micron tape is recommended for more mature plants, or plants requiring more support.

    We are also able to supply tape in other colours if required for special marking purposes such as marking different cultivars in the nursery environment.
    These colours include : Neon pink, Neon Yellow, Lime Green, Neon Orange, Blue and Bright Red, as seen here.


    To complete the loop staples are required and these are available in the standard boxes of 4800 staples.

    Blades and Spares

    In order for the Duratool machine to work effectively and efficiently it is critical that the user monitors the condition of the cutting blade.
    If the blade begins to get blunt the user will struggle to cut the tape cleanly resulting in wasted time as well as tape.

    Cape Agricultural Products is able to supply you with replacement blades that are supplied in packs of 3.

    A range of the most common spares required is also available to keep the Duratool in good working order.

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