Felco - Pruning Tools of the highest quality

Felco SA is a company located in a region of Switzerland that is famous for it's prestigious watch manufacturers. This same attitude to high quality and superior materials, is evident in each Felco pruning shear, lopper or cable cutter that is produced by the company.

Since 1945 Felco has been producing pruning shears of high quality and exceptional durability, the objective being to deliver superior tools adapted to the user.

The ergonomic shape, comfort and ease of maintenance of the tools are just some of the factors that combine to make Felco a world leader in the pruning shears and cable cutter market.

Felco tools are designed to satisfy even the most demanding professional user's requirements and are used by professional horticulturalists, viticulturalists, fruit growers and nurserymen around the globe.

Why should you consider a Felco shear for yourself :

  • Made in Switzerland - precision is part of the deal.
  • Felco Tools are ergonomically adapted to the user, left-handed tools are available.
  • The revolving handle on some models reduces the effort of cutting by up to 30%.
  • The pruning shears and loppers have a manually adjusted centre nut for aligning blade and anvil, guaranteeing a clean and precise cut.
  • The cushion and shock absorber on pruning tools reduce impact at the end of cutting, protecting the hand and wrist.
  • A sap groove on the shears helps to wipe away the dirt after each cut.
  • Parts affected by wear can easily be replaced as Felco has chosen a spare parts system in order to guarantee high quality and longer life for it's tools. You do not have to purchase a new tools when a part becomes worn, breaks, or is lost.
  • Felco carries out all the heat treatment necessary in the manufacture of cable cutters.
    Once completed, the cable cutters are tested on a bench using forces that greatly exceed normal conditions of use.The extreme hardness of the blades allows them to cut excessively hard materials.
  • Due to the special diamond shape of the cut on the cable cutter blades, cables are not crushed, but cut progressively. The result is a clean and precise cut.
  • We have listed the Felco range of tools available from Cape Agricultural Products, with information on each, as well as our recommendations, on the relevant pages that that can be viewed by clicking on one of the icons below --->

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