Deltex® Vineyard Wire

De Lama - Manufacturers of polyester wire

Deltex® polyester wire, manufactured by De Lama of France, is the best alternative to the traditional steel wire used for foliage wires in vineyards.

This product has been available in South Africa for 12 years and is now imported and distributed by
Cape Agricultural Products.

De Lama is a French company based in Sarlat, near Bordeaux. Since 1977 they have been manufacturing a range of high tensile products, distributed globally.

Made of polyester, Deltex wire has several advantages in agricultural applications such as hanging, greenhouses and of course vineyards.

Introduced in 1991 the Deltex wire is recognized in Europe as state-of-the-art and each year De Lama produces enough Deltex to circumnavigate the globe 3 times !!

Today viticulturalists are more concerned with the effective management of the vine canopy than ever before and this is where Deltex wire offers many benefits and advantages over traditional steel wire :

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    Deltex wire is easier and quicker to install than any galvanised wire used in viticulture, arboriculture and horticulture.

    Deltex wire is lighter than any steel wire, a reel of Deltex up to 3400m long only weighs 20Kg. During installation there is no risk of the wire being "kinked" and creating a weak spot, as happens when installing galvanised wire.

    Deltex wire is put under tension once when installed [1% of the length of the row, minimum 1 metre for 100 meters] and keeps its original tension throughout its lifetime without further need to re-tension it. This can save many hours of labour annually.

    Only Deltex has a capacity for elongation and an elastic memory, enabling it to constantly maintain the position of the canopy.

    Due to its elasticity, the first set of Deltex foliage wires can be positioned below the cordon wire at the start of the growing season, without losing any tension, by using a plastic clip.
    Then during the first lift of the foliage wires the elasticity permits the wire to go back to its original position, keeping the foliage upright and exposing maximum leaf area to the sun for optimal photosynthesis.
    The "lift-up" of the foliage is more rapid because of the permanent tension on the wire. The time saving due to the ease of use is between 5 and 10 times superior to when using steel wire.

    Less clips or staples are necessary to keep the foliage wires together. The wire keeps the foliage in place, not the clip.

    Deltex wire can be used confidently with existing new technology and agricultural machines such as pre-pruners and harvesting machines.

    Because of its polyester structure, no chemicals found in the soil, or sprayed on the crop, are aggresive towards Deltex. Also ideal for use in coastal conditions where steel wire is prone to rust.

    A simple knot can be used to repair/join it and if you wish you could also use a Gripple.

    Deltex wire is neutral to temperature changes and maintains its structural capacity and mechanical performance between -40°C and +70°C. As it is polyester treated with carbon black Deltex does not conduct electricity.

  • However Deltex is not only for use in vineyards, it can be used in many areas, including the following :

  • Wind Breaks

  • Greenhouses

  • Growing Tunnels

  • Shade Net installations

  • Flower and Ornamental Plant support

  • Hanging lines for Drip Irrigation lines

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