VINNET Bird protection net

Bird damage in agriculture results in huge losses on an annual basis.

This is particularly true in the fruit and vineyard industry in the Western Cape where ripe bunches of grapes are susceptible to damage.

Now a viticulturalist, who has suffered extensive crop losses in the past, has developed a birdnet that limits damage to your crop.

This net – known as VINNET – has been developed and used over the past few years, with much success, and is now available through Cape Agricultural Products.

The hole size of 10 x 15mm is ideal for keeping birds out and the net is available on rolls of 780mm wide x 500Mt long.

It is a lightweight plastic net, black in colour and is UV stabilised.

Installation - The net can be installed by 2 people and the following method is suggested :

  1. Fix the end of the net to the pole in the vineyard row.
  2. One person then unrolls the net and while he/she is walking down the row another person hooks the net onto the foliage wire trellising clips.
  3. When the net has been unrolled on both sides of the vineyard row it is then tied up to the end pole again.
  4. The nets are then attached to the foliage wires, and "closed" at the bottom below the cordon wire. Tie the nets regularly - every 1 - 1.2Mt - the more places it is tied off leaves less places for the birds to enter.
  5. Various items can be used to attach and close the net, including twisties, vinclips, c-clips, and baling twine.
  6. If possible try to ensure the net is hanging as loose as possible on the sides of the row. If the net is pulled tight against the fruit, small birds [such as white eyes] will be able to sit on the net and damage some fruit.
  7. Add some extra protection by using some holographic birdscare tape.

Harvest - One person moves down the row in front of the people harvesting the grapes. He / She only removes the net from the foliage wires resulting in the net hanging down from the cordon wire.

After the harvest, when there is more labour and time available, the net can be untied from the vineyard, rolled up and stored for the next season.

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