OKO Puncture Free

How much puncture downtime can you expect with OKO?
Zero. Nothing. Zilch !!

How much inconvenience, loss of time and loss of profits can you expect to suffer because of a puncture ?
Zip. Nothing. Zero !!

What can a 9mm thorn do to a tyre treated with OKO?
Zero. Nothing. Zilch !!

Because OKO puncture free concentrate tyre sealant is specially formulated to provide long-term puncture protection for industrial, agricultural, commercial and military vehicles.

With OKO puncture free most punctures are eliminated.....forever!!

Eliminate - The Inconvenience.
Eliminate - Premature Tyre loss.
Eliminate - Downtime by the roadside.

OKO Puncture free is a product that, once injected into the tyre, can seal punctures up to 9mm in diameter on the running surface of a tyre, sealing punctures as they occur.

OKO Tyre sealant has been used for over 30 years.
The product is not a temporary solution that enables you "to get home", it creates a permanent seal that then lasts the legal lifetime of the tire.

OKO Puncture Free - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can OKO be installed in any tyre?
Yes, OKO can be applied to any pneumatic tyre.

2. Is OKO safe and legal to install in my tyres?
Yes, it is both safe and legal.

3. Does OKO affect the tyre life or the performance?
Performance, No. OKO does not affect tyre structures or rubber. In some cases it is possible the tyre life will be extended as OKO may cool the tyre. OKO will eliminate the possibility of the tyre life being shortened due to "run flat" damage.

4. Will OKO corrode the wheels, rust the wheel rims or steel belts?
No. There are special corrosion inhibitors in the OKO formulation that inhibit corrosion in steel & alloy rims. They will prevent the product from causing oxidation in brass valve stems. If any residue of OKO is touching the inner rim, it can be washed off when the tyre is next changed. It is advisable NOT to use a tyre sealant with chrome wheels as they are susceptible to chemical effects.
OKO uses inhibitors unique to the tyre sealant industry and the inhibitors are entirely friendly to the environment.

5. When the OKO Puncture Free liquid is inside the tyre, does it react with the air inside the tyre and go hard?
No. OKO remains liquid inside the tyre. It will seal a hole under pressure and then dry instantly, but it will not react with the air inside the tyre and turn hard.

6. Is OKO Puncture Free harmful? Does it contain any harmful ingredients?
The OKO group uses its best endeavors to formulate products which are as environmentally friendly and as safe to use, store and dispose of as possible.

NO OKO product is classified as harmful, flammable or combustible.
All are regarded as non-hazardous.

7. What type of damage can OKO Puncture Free seal and repair?
OKO will seal holes caused by nails, screws, glass, stones and sharp objects up to 9mm diameter, on the running surface of the tyre.

8. How strong is the OKO seal that blocks the holes and punctures?
The OKO group regard the seal to be a permanent seal due to its strength. When subjected to a "strength test" at the Gerotek Test Facility, OKO was compared to a "repair plug" and a "vulcanised repair" In this case it was shown that the OKO permanent seal was 1.62 times stronger than a vulcanised repair and 7 times stronger than a repair plug.
(The tyre industry state that a "traditional repair" defined as a vulcanised repair, is permanent. Therefore, the seal made by OKO Puncture Free, that is so much stronger, should be regarded by users as "more permanent still")

9. Can a number of punctures weaken the tyre structures?
Tyre structures are likely to be weakened by side-wall and "run flat" damage.
OKO will eliminate much, if not all, of the risks associated with "run flat" damage.
OKO is not designed to seal side wall holes that weaken the structure.

10. How many holes will OKO Puncture Free seal using one application?
OKO is designed to seal many holes. OKO is the true "multi-sealing" tyre sealant. A small amount of OKO is used to seal a single hole in the tyre casing.
OKO efficacy was proven at Aldershot with the British Army. There, OKO blocked and sealed 30 holes in ONE tyre. This was a Land Rover tyre and the vehicle remained in operation for months afterwards on military manoeuvres. (OKO Military test video available)

11. To what pressure does OKO Puncture Free seal?

OKO has sealed a quad tyre at 2.5PSI (0.15bar) and has also sealed a truck tyre at 145PSI (10bar).
There is little practical limit on the high side.

12. Does OKO Puncture Free degrade, dry out or seperate?
No. OKO remains in suspension. It remains ready to stop punctures, always.

13. Up to what size puncture will OKO Puncture Free seal?
The OKO seal size varies with the type and grade of OKO used.
OKO On Road RTG seals holes caused by puncturing objects with a diameter of 8mm in On Road Trucks.
OKO for bikes will seal up to 3,5mm.
OFF Road OKO seals up to 10mm. OFF road OKO is heavy duty and has sealed holes in operational vehicles in North African mines with hole diameters of 18mm.

To determine the appropriate quantities of OKO to be installed in a specific tyre size, click below :

View/Download an OFF-ROAD installation chart here [1.84MB]
The heavy-duty tyre sealant off road drivers prefer, permanently seals multiple holes up to 12mm each.

View/Download an ON-ROAD installation chart for Trucks and Buses here
This chart is applicable to Light Duty Trucks, Heavy Duty Trucks, trailers and buses over 1,5 tons.

View/Download a OKO MINING installation chart here
This is the strongest sealant produced and is suitable for use in Mines, Quarries and rough Construction & Waste Management sites.

OKO Puncture Sealants

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