Hog Ring Pliers

Hogring Pliers

Hog Ring Pliers are very useful tools.

Used mainly in fencing projects, other applications include the following :

Closing up Gabion boxes once the gabions are complete,

Securing the wires in net structures to each other. The nets used in commercial structures often have a wire threaded along the edge of the nets. These wires in the nets are then secured to a thicker support wire that runs along and through the poles supporting the structure.

They can also be used to close thick fabric bags.

The rings for the pliers are available in 2 sizes - 18mm and 20mm [diameter of the ring before being closed]

The Duratool Hog Ring pliers have a self feeding magazine attached to the pliers, allowing you to hold the materials with one hand while attaching the ring with the other hand.

The pliers are supplied WITH a box of 960 rings the first time and one can purchase spare rings/staples in boxes of 960 as you require. 

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