Harvesting Tools

The harvesting of fruit is usually the culmination of many months spent preparing and maintaining orchards, greenhouses and vineyards.

This can also either be the highlight or the "worst nightmare" for the farmer, depending on many factors, some within and some without, his control

At Cape Agricultural Products we endeavour to supply the right tool for the harvesting job, relevant to the variety of fruit being harvested. Using the right tools can mean the difference between packing fruit that is destined and acceptable for export markets, or fruit that is to be discarded.

The following categories of harvesting tools are supplied by us, for the successful harvesting of the relevant crop, whether it is oranges, lemons, grapes, olives, apples or flowers.

Citrus Harvesting Tools
Tools for Harvesting Citrus

Grape Harvesting Tools
Tools for Harvesting Grapes

Olive Harvesting Tools
Tools for Harvesting Olives

Avo Harvesting Tools
Tools for Harvesting Avocado Pears

Flower Harvesting tools
Tools for Harvesting Flowers / Roses

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