Felco Loppers

When you have to make cuts on branches with larger diameters then we strongly recommend that you use a 2 handed lopper for the job.

Loppers are specifically designed for the task of pruning thick branches that cannot be pruned comfortably with a one handed pruning shear.
By using a lopper for thicker cuts you will ensure that a clean, neat cut is produced.
Many users have experienced the frustration of attempting to cut thicker branches with a hand shear only to end up damaging the shear and ending up with a badly pruned plant.

Felco loppers have an excellent arm lever effect thanks to the length of the handles, and as is the norm with Felco,they are made with the same attention to detail and precision as the hand shears.


Felco has recently introduced 2 Lever-action loppers into their range of pruning tools, either with a curved anvil or a flat anvil. These loppers are very efficient and are ideally suited for the intensive pruning of large branches in orchards.

Easier Cutting Action
Innovative and ingenious lever system that greatly reduces the required cutting effort. The force applied by the user is multiplied up to 26 times!

Extra large cutting diameter
Bevelled blade on both sides for easier penetration into the wood. The large opening of the cutting head easily allows the cutting of branches up to 40 mm in diameter.

Ergonomics and comfort
Ultra light. Less arm and shoulder strain for the user, even with intensive use. Non-slip handle grips. A safety stop prevents fingers getting jammed at the end of the cutting action.

Strong but light
The tubular aluminium handles are surprisingly light whilst being exceptionally sturdy.

Felco 230

Felco 230 anvil lopper

The FELCO 230 features a straight, tapered anvil that allows easy access to the location of the cut.
This lopper is 80cm in length and weighs only 1150g.

Felco 231

Felco 231 anvil lopper

The FELCO 231 features a hollow-shaped blade and a curved anvil that traps the branch close to the fulcrum of the cutting head, thus making cutting easier.
This lopper is 80cm in length and weighs only 1150g.

Bypass Loppers

Felco has re-designed their range of bypass loppers and the new range are worthy successors to the Felco 20, 21 and 23 models.
The handles are available in different materials and lengths and all parts are interchangeable between in the range.

Cape Agricultural Products sells the models with the new, lightweight, aluminium handles and can also supply models with new Carbon Fibre handles on request.

Felco 200

Felco 200A lopper

The smallest of the Felco 200 Loppers with straight head, measuring 40cm and weighing just 665g.

Felco 200A lopper

The medium size of the Felco 200 Loppers with straight head, measuring 50cm and weighing just 725g.

Felco 200A Loppers

The largest of the Felco 200 Loppers with straight head, measuring 60cm and weighing just 785g.

Felco loppers have the following characteristics that make them ideal for pruning trees, bushes, vines or shrubs :

  • Plastic covering on handles
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Sap Groove on the anvil blade
  • Serrated anvil blade to "grip" branch
  • Forged aluminium alloy handles
  • Precise adjustment of blade and anvil blade
  • Tapered cutting head for greater manoeuvrability
All parts on the Felco loppers are easily replaced, as part of the Felco spare parts system.

Click here to view a diagram of the various parts of the Felco 20/21 loppers.

Click here to view a diagram of the various parts of the Felco 200 loppers.

Note : All head parts on the Felco 20/21 are the same as the head parts on the Felco 200 range.
The handles are different, as are the handles between the aluminium and carbon models.

Spare Handles are available for the old Felco 20 and 21 models.

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