Vegeclip Foliage wire clips

Environmentally Friendly and made from renewable natural resources.

The 100% biodegradable vine clip.

Vegeclips are made from biodegradable resources without any added plastic. Very strong when attached initially, they break down in winter during the rainy season and fall to the ground where the decomposing process continues.

Vegeclip in use
Reasons to change to Vegeclip


Time and Labour savings. The vegeclips are quick to apply and do not have to be removed.
The clips can be applied at an average rate of 10 hours per hectare.


Vegeclips are manufactured from 100% raw vegetable material. They will breakdown in the soil over time with the aid of natural rain as well as water from your irrigation system.


Vegeclips are "soft" on your foliage wires.
On steel wire you can avoid rust which may occur after friction between steel clips/staples and the wire.
Vegeclips are also ideally suited for use with Deltex polyester wire.

[In fact Vegeclips are recommended for use with Deltex]

Vegeclips are also softer on your hands.


No risk of Ferric breakdown in your wine from steel clips.


Vegeclips can be used with mechanical harvesting machines, they are lightweight and easy to use.

Vegeclip Foliage wire clips

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