Labels and Markers

Cape Agricultural Products has a range of items to assist nurserymen, farmers and keen home gardeners to label or mark their products.

The range includes self-tie labels manufactured from different materials, various size T-Markers, aluminium labels, pot labels, survey flags and many more.

Self-Tie Labels

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Self-Tie labels are widely used in nurseries for identifying and marking plants.

We can supply labels manufactured from :

TYVEK ® - A unique, patented, hard-wearing and durable, spun bonded polyethylene material.

Tyvek ® material can withstand the harshest conditions and is not affected by moisture.

Light, flexible and tear resistant.

Excellent for use in long term field trials.

Easy to attach, take around the plant and put tag through the pre-punched "keyhole"
Surface suitable for thermal printer, pen, marking pens or pencil.

  • Supplied on rolls of 1000 labels
  • Size - 20mm or 25mm wide x 190mm long
  • Rolls 100mm wide to be used in most thermal printers
  • Available in white

Plastic Self ties also available :

* Supplied loose in boxes of 1000
* Size - 155mm x 15mm
* Colours available : White, Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Red, Pink, Purple, Orange, Light Brown.

As an added service Cape Agricultural Products is also able to offer a range of thermal transfer printers to satisfy the needs of a diverse range of applications.

Printer brands we offer include ARGOX, TSC and IDPrt.

We are also able to offer barcode scanners to scan the barcodes printed on your labels with our printers.


Large T-Marker

Angled T-Marker

This marker has a header board that is angled backwards to make it easier to view the text on the board without having to bend down.

We have also re-designed the spike, making it stronger by strengthening the point where it attaches to the header board, as can be seen here.

Use for marking nursery and orchard rows, individual plants and trees and also for marking demarcated stands at open air events.

Also used in the florist industry for indicating prices and names of flower bunches in buckets.

The dimensions of this T-Marker are as follows :

* Top Plate / Headerboard = 130 x 85mm
* Stake = 340mm
* Top of headerboard to point of stake = 430mm.

* Also available in Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow.

Medium T-Marker

Medium Angled T-Marker

This marker also has a header board that is angled backwards.

It has a sturdy spike for pushing into the soil, re-inforced where it attaches to the header plate. [click on pic for larger image]

Use for marking plants, nursery rows, individual trees, stands at expos/shows and many more.

The dimensions of this T-Marker are as follows :

* Top Plate / Headerboard = 90 x 52mm
* Stake = 200mm
* Top of headerboard to point of stake = 260mm.

* Also available in Green, Red and Yellow.

Mini T-Marker

Mini T Rainbow

This mini T-marker is ideal for marking seedling trays, plant pots and seed beds in the nursery environment, especially propagation nurseries.

Also useful for marking rows in orchards or vineyards.

The dimensions of this T-Marker are as follows :

* Top Plate / Headerboard = 70 x 45mm
* Stake = 125mm
* Top of headerboard to point of stake = 175mm.

* Also available in Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow.

Seed Packet Holder

Seed Packet Holder

This marker can be used for marking seed beds and areas where seeds or seedlings have been planted.

The slit in the header plate makes it possible to place the seed packet in the groove for easy identification. When it is no longer required the packet can be removed and replaced.

Information cards can also be placed in this slit when wanting to provide more information to the reader or customer. An example of this would be in a herb garden where you can produce a card giving the natural benefits of the herb concerned. This card can be laminated for weather resistance.

If required the header plate can also be used to record information with a marker pen or pencil.
The dimensions of this T-Marker are as follows :

* Top Plate / Headerboard = 48 x 35mm
* Stake = 120mm
* Top of marker to point of stake = 180mm.

Pot Labels

Pot Labels

These pot labels are ideal for marking seed beds, plant pots and seedling trays.
Ideal for use in growing tunnels as the plastic is not affected by moisture.

Easy and quick to use, write the required information on the pot labels with a marking pen or pencil and press the sharpened end into the soil.

The labels are 1,5mm thick x 15mm wide and are available in 3 different lengths :

  • 100mm / 4 inches
  • 125mm / 5 inches
  • 150mm / 6 inches

  • Aluminium Labels


    Alu tags labels

    Reliable, weatherproof aluminium tags supplied with wire or copper ties.

    Easily embossed with product details using a ball point or permanent marking pen.

    * 1000 alu tags per box
    * 75mm long x 25mm wide.

    Write on the label with a pen, marker or emboss it with a sharp object and you will have a clear, permanent inscription.

    Large enough to provide plenty of space for your message, which will remain legible for years in any environment.

    Alu Plant Sticks

    Aluminium Plant sticks

    The pointed aluminium labels/plant sticks are used for easy identification of plants and geological samples by simply pushing the pointed end into the soil or tying them to the sample.

    As per the alutags above they are reliable, weatherproof labels and include wire ties [click image for larger image]

    Easily embossed with product details using a ball point or permanent marking pen.

    * 1000 alu tags per box
    * 113mm long x 23mm wide.

  • Will not magnetise, allowing for use in sensitive electronic applications
  • Durable, non-corrodible, aluminium finish does not oxidise, even with prolonged exposure to any weather, most chemicals, heat and dirt
  • Flexible, light-weight
  • Can be wired, stapled, nailed or taped to any kind of object
  • Non-corrodible wire ties included free-of-charge

  • Survey Flags

    Survey flags

    Survey Flags are a fast, easy and highly visible means of identifying points on the ground. 

    These flags can be used in landscaping - especially useful for marking where sub-surface irrigation lines and sprinkler heads are located. Also useful for marking and identifying points in forestry, mining and construction.

    For outdoor sporting events they can be used to mark points along trails etc.

    The PVC flag size is 120 x 100mm and can be supplied on 3 lengths of steel wire stakes - 500, 700 or 900mm long.

    Available in 12 colours in bundles of 100.

    Pin Tags

    Pintags Marking tags

    Pin Tags provide a highly visible means of identifying points on the ground. they can be used in survey situations for marking reference points.

    The tags have many other uses in mining, construction, landscaping, forestry, trail marking and others.

    The PVC tag is 35mm x 80mm and is pressed onto a 500mm long galvanised metal stake which is easy to press into soil or turf.

    Available in white plus 6 other high visibility colours [see photo above], the pin tags are available in bundles of 100.

    Triangle Markers

    Triangle Markers

    The primary use for these plastic triangle markers is for marking out trails and paths. These could be MTB cycling trails, walking paths, hiking trails or any other course that has to be followed.

    However, they can be used for marking many other things, including but not limited to survey points, and also in farming, landscaping, geology, forestry etc.

    Made in South Africa from strong, UV protected, long lasting plastic the markers are sold in bundles of 200 per colour and are available in 5 colours.

    Size = 120 x 90mm

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