Grafting Tools

Cape Agricultural Products supplies grafting tools to be used with our grafting tapes.

Hand Held Grafting Tool

Model G-400K

Grafting Tool

This hand-held, manual grafting tool is very easy to use and can do grafts on plants up to 13mm in diameter.

Grafting Tool being used

The grafter has a blade with an Omega shape in order to get a good join.

*** The new G400K is now supplied with "U" and "V" shaped blades that can be interchanged with the omega blade.

Hold the stem of the stock plant in the grafting tool and squeeze the handle to make the cut. Repeat this step to get a piece of grafting stock from the donor plant.
Take care to ensure the "groove" is cut into the stock plant.

Once you have joined the 2 pieces of plant material wind a piece of budding and grafting tape around the join to ensure a succesful graft.

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Grafting tool open
The front of the tool has light duty pruning blades that enable the user to cut off any useless branches or leaves.

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