Birdspun Grape Protection

Birdspun grape protection

Birdspun grape protection, available from Cape Agricultural Products, is so simple but yet so effective for protecting your table grapes against birds that inflict damage.

Birdspun grape sleeves

Research surveys have shown that Birdspun grape sleeves have reduced damage to table grapes by over 50% in some areas.

The tough, helmet-like sleeves are made from a special lightweight fabric that will not damage your grapes.

The sleeves are quickly and easily attached over the individual bunches using a twistie.

The sleeves are cost effective and can be washed and re-used for up to 5 seasons.

Birdspun is supplied on convenient reels of 500m each and the farmer can cut the sleeves to the required length, depending on cultivar and bunch size.

Holographic birdscare tape can also be used to scare birds away, but this must be placed above the foliage where it will create flashes of sunlight that irritates birds.

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